Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shopping Trip Today!! Saving and Spending

OKAY I am going to skip the basics tonight,  I would much rather tell you about my fun shopping today.  My munchkins and I headed to spend as little money as possible PS I Love these days!  We statred at the consignment store in Hoopeston where we found 6 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs or shorts and 2 shirts for 19.00.  While in the area we stopped at CVS to pick up our FREE anti-bacterial soap and candy bar that they offered earlier in the week.  They were out of Airwick for the deal this week so we got a raincheck but we did get 2 bottles of Jergens glow, 2 easter m&m candies and some baby wipes for 8.00 and we got back 5 Extracare bucks.  Our total out of pocket in Hoopeston was 27.00.  We then headed to Danville (don't usually do both in the same weekend but I NEEDED some items this weekend from both) our first stop was Walmart where we purchased Toy Story operation game(for Easter) for only 2.00 after using the operation coupon located HERE plus there is a mail in rebate for tombstone when you buy a Hasbro game.  In tomorrows paper there should be some Nivea body wash coupons for 3.00 off I had ordered 20 womens and 20 mens from Ebay before the prices skyrocketed and picked all 40 body washes up at Walmart for just tax.  We then killed our saving money rush by buying some expensive but much needed boots(also for Easter) but it is always easier spending some extra money when you save in other places. 

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