Friday, April 15, 2011

NEW to couponing!!! Part 1

I work during the day and will not be updating my blog. A lot of the GOOD deals are time-sensitive so will miss those if you only read my page.

1. Start a Facebook page for couponing and get a separte email address just for couponing.

 Some good couponing Facebook pages to like are Deal Seeking Mom, Money Saving Mom (she has a good forum), Couponing for 4 are a few but there are so many. I recommend doing a search for a specific store you like (ex Meijer deals) and liking that blogs page in Facebook and their email.

2. You can find coupons in many places newspapers(rule of thumb is one paper for each each member of the family but find what works for your family), online,tear pads and brochures in store displays(County Market, CVS),  peelies on products you are purchasing.

You can print coupons from a site called Swagbucks(go to the Swagbucks box at the bottom of this page and click Sign up) you will get points for using these coupons.,,, and  You will have to download a program in order to print these.

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