Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rural King Deals that end 5/15

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Make your own Laundry Soap

Through Sunday May 15 you can buy a 5 gal bucket for 1.99 and save 10% on items you can fit inside the bucket.  (Save 5% on power tools that fit inside the bucket.)

I am super excited about this deal because they also have the 3 ingredients used to make your own laundry soap. (Fels-Naptha soap, Borax and Arm & Hammer washing soda) stuff them in the bucket and for under 10.00 you can make a 5 gal bucket of laundry soap.

Fels-naptha Soap 1.49 (I buy 4 at a time because thats how many batches I get  out of the boxes)
Borax                   3.49
Arm & Hammer Washing Soap 2.99
Bucket                  1.99

=14.47 for roughly 4 buckets of laundry soap

You can find a recipe to suit your needs (liquid, powder) by searching online most batches are HE effiicient when following measurements.

Dog Food
Rural King has Nutro Dog Food for 7.99-(7.00 HERE you will need to sign up for NutroRewards and use Print Your Own Option-They mail a 10.00 coupon if you can wait and have mailed)=.99 even less if you can fit in your bucket AND need one!

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