Friday, May 6, 2011

Pamida Double Coupons 5/7-5/13

Pamida Double Coupons 5/7-5/13

Pamida will be offering a SPECIAL this week: Buy a $25 Pamda gift card and you will get $5 rewards to spend 5/14-5/27.  (Ex: Buy a $25 gift card first then checkout with your items you are purchasing for the Double Coupon Event or any purchase and you will get $5 to spend on something next week.)
Here are SOME price matched deals I have found based on the ads available in our area.

Item in ad and size price in add (coupon price)=price after doubled coupon

Pamida ad 5/7-5/13

Morton System Saver II Pellets 40lb 2/9.00-(1.00/2)=2/7.00
Purex Detergent 50oz (available Sa and Sun) 2/4.00-(1.00/1)=FREE
Always/Tampax 2/6.00-(1.00/1 use 2)=1.00 each
Windex Spray or Pledge, Windex, or Scrubbing Bubbles wipes 2/6.00-(.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles )=2/3.00
Cheer or Gain 50oz 2/10.00-(1.00/1 )=3.00 each
Era 50oz 3/10.00-(.50/1 )=use 3 coupons get 3/7.00

Berkot Super Foods 5/5-5/11

Bounty 8 Roll Paper Towels 4.99-(1.00/1)=2.99 each
Charmin 12 dbl roll Toiet Paper 4.99-(1.00/1)=2.99 each
12pk Pepsi 3/7.88-(1.00/3 found in Sundays IGA ad)=3/5.88

IGA 5/1-5/7

Secret Antipersprant 2.6-2.7oz  2.49-(1.00/1)=.49 each
Febreeze Set and Refresh 5.5ml 2/5.00-(1.00/1)=.50 each

CVS 5/1-5/7

Puffs tissues 95-108ct or with lotion 60-72ct .99-(.50/1)=FREE
Soft Scrub 1.99-(1.50)=.49 will not double, you can pick up at CVS for this price also
Hesheys Bliss bagged candy 2/6.00-(1.00/1)=1.00 each

CountyMarket 5/1-5/7

Skippy Peanut Butter 15-16.3oz 2/3.00-(1.00/2 in ad coupon)=2/2.00 *not sure if Pamida carries this brand

Menards 5/1-5/15

Quaker Quakes 1.28-(.55/1)=.18 each

Meijer 5/1-5/7

Betty Crocker boxed potatoes 4.7-7.2oz 1.00-(1.00/2)=FREE
Hamburger Helper 1.00-(.75/3)=1.50/3
Dole fruit jar 24.5oz 2.00-(.75/1)=.50 each
Hostess box select varietie 2/5.00-(1.00/2)=2/3.00
Oral B Advantage toothbrush 2.50-(1.00)=.50 each
Crest Pro Health 4.2oz, 3D White 4oz, Whitening Expressions 6oz toothpaste 2.50-(1.00/1)=.50 each

Family Dollar ad found last Sundays paper-5/8

Mr Clean 32oz 2.00-(.75/1)=.50 each
Febreeze Fabric Refresher 2.50-(1.00)=.50 each

Dollar General 5/1-5/8

Mr Clean pourable cleaner 40oz 2.50-(.75/1)=1.00 each
Bounty Napkins 200-220ct 3.00-(1.00)=1.00

Tostitos 9-13oz 2.99-(1.00/1)=.99 each
Bounty Paper Towel singles 1.29-(1.00/1)=FREE

*Please note Pamida may not carry the same brand or size so some deals may not always be available.

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