Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pamida Triple Coupons Nov 7 and 8

Pamida is giving us smart shoppers our Christmas early this year by offering triple coupons on Sun Nov 7 and Mon Nov.  They will triple coupons up to $1.00, they do only allow three like items(ex: 1.00 off 1 Folgers then you can only use that coupon three times to get three folgers cans)  This deal will be extra great because they also offer price matching with competitor ads so collect those ads and coupons and lets get some deals.

Here are some deals I see that look good:

Bounty 8 pk PM CVS 5.99-(.25 coupon)=5.49

Folgers large can 7.00-(1.00)=3.00 or Folgers small can PM CVS 2.49-(1.00)= FREE

PopTarts 24 pk 3.99-(1.00/3)=9.00 for 3

Old Orchard juice 4/7.00-(.50/1)=.25 *Remember only get 3 of the 4

Garnier Fructis 2/6.00-(1.00)=FREE *expected in Sun paper

Kleenex 4/5.00-(.50/3)=3 boxes for 2.25

PM Walgreens for Keebler Ready Crust 2/3.00-(1.00/3)=1.50 for 3

PM Walgreens for Halls cough drops 2/2.00-(1.00/2)=FREE

These are some I see so far but there are many more.  Remember only 3 per item and Pamida can have a varying selection of items so maybe look around at what you need and search around for a coupon for that item.  GOOD LUCK!

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