Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 New JCPenney 10 off 10 codes!

There are two New codes available and still Free Shipping on shoes.  Go find yourself or your kiddos some shoes right around 10.00 and you have FREE shoes shipped to your door!  You can purchase $10 JCP Rewards on places like Ebay and add the 10 off 10 code and the JCP Reward and get $20 in Free Shoes(plus the cost of the reward purchase)!  Also after placing your order they often ask if you would like to take $10 off your order (click on that it signs you up for a membership but is Free if you cancel in the time period stated) they send you a rebate check for up to $10 and sometimes have additional rebates such as $15 utilities or $25 groceries also, just make sure you cancel if you do not want them to bill you later!

Code 1: GO4TEN

Code 2: LIZ4YOU

Now the best way I have found to do this is to
1 Log in/Create an Ebates account
2 Search Ebates for JCPenneys and  click Shop Now
3 Once at JCPenney load your 10.00 to your cart
4 Click checkout and promo
5 Add one promo code (and JCP Reward if needed)
6 Check out
7 Click "Get 10 off the purchase" and fill in your email
8 You have just ordered 10 in shoes FREE and received 3% cash back from Ebates and your rebate for signing up!  Enjoy because then you can do it again with the second code!

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